Fantasy / Sci-Fi

I Hated Heaven

To Keep A Promise He Made On Earth,

He Had To Break Every Rule In Heaven

"An original, comic novel." -- Booklist


Tom and April Waring have a great life, a successful business, and a healthy, happy little boy. Best of all, they are deeply in love. But the good times come to a screeching halt when Tom is diagnosed with inoperable cancer.  

Though Tom's faith gives him peace, April is distraught. So at Tom's deathbed, she takes his hand, tears in her eyes, and whispers, "When you get to the other side--if there is another side--promise me you'll come back and tell me." Tom squeezes her hand weakly and nods. "I promise."  

Thus begins Tom's adventure in Heaven, a place totally unlike the harps-and-halos scenario he had always imagined. And when his request to return to Earth is routinely denied, Tom must make a fateful decision: Does he have the courage to risk everything -- even his very soul -- to keep his promise to April?

  • Finalist, Inspirational Fiction, Independent Publisher Book Awards


Destiny Awaits

"Kemp's extraordinary research startles and educates us in a staggering way." -- Marilyn Brown, Fires of Jerusalem

    The deadly virus Cobalt rages across the earth, threatening to extinguish all life. In Tanzania, Cobalt ground-zero, an ancient mummy is unearthed, along with a heart sealed in a stone jar, the tissue of which is inexplicably immune to the virus. As the world melts down under Cobalt’s unanswerable assault, renegade scientists clone the mummy, hoping for a cure.

   Meanwhile, K’tanu, the man whose body the mummy once was, is living with his family and tribe in the afterlife, which they call Lightland. When the scientists succeed in cloning the mummy, K’tanu is wrenched from his loved ones and thrust back into mortality, unaware of his past or even his own identity.
​ ​  

 Born into a nightmarish modern world and lacking any memory of his prior life, K’tanu must re-discover who he is. With the aid of two scientists who reluctantly come to believe in the reality of the soul, K’tanu begins his sojourn back to his loved ones in Lightland, a journey that begins in a secure scientific installation in the Nevada desert, crosses an emptied-out American continent, the broad, featureless Atlantic, up the muddy Nile, and ends in a collapsed volcano in Tanzania, his ancient birthplace.

  • Winner, Religious Fiction, NextGen Indie Book Awards
  • Finalist, Religious Fiction, USA Best Books Awards
  • Gold Medal, Religious Fiction, Independent Publishers Association

Oki's Island

A Hero's Journey

"A superb story full of charm and wisdom." -- Carol Lynn Pearson, Consider the Butterfly

    Oki, a young Polynesian, is fishing not far from his island -- the only land he has ever known -- when a terrible storm arises. After the dark clouds clear, Oki discovers to his horror that his island is gone. He is lost at sea with only his wits and his meager provisions to sustain him.  As he searches for home, he discovers islands both strikingly similar and strangely different than his own; people and places that challenge everything he believes to be true. 

     In this inventive re-working of the classic hero's journey, Kenny Kemp weaves a fascinating tale of courage, hope, and triumph.

  • Best Book Award, Inspiration, USA Book News
  • Bronze Medallion, Inspiration, Independent Publisher Book Awards

Clean Slate

Pray It Was Only a Dream

Mitch Osborne is having a series of dreams that take place far in the past from the present, 2030 in L.A. where he lives. Each dream is a piece of a mysterious puzzle where he crouches on a lawn at midnight, peering at an idling vehicle at the curb, its fender mangled and bloody. He knows there's a dead woman's body somewhere nearby... and that he killed her.

In his work at a software firm, Mitch notices how two co-workers who were once in a intense relationship that ended badly are acting like best friends. Stunning, considering she had a restraining order against him yesterday. But today they're laughing at a joke together as if nothing ever happened.

Mitch discovers they've been to Clean Slate, where they had the memories of their recent love affair erased. And neither seems worse for the wear.

The guilt Mitch experiences from his dreams is ruining his sleep and health, so he decides to go to Clean Slate to see if they can erase his bad dreams.

But they find more than bad dreams in Mitch's head.


Kenny Kemp talks about the inception of his first book.