The Welcoming Door (hardback)

Parables of the Carpenter, Vol. 1

Meet Jesus Before He Began Attracting Crowds

"Good storytelling meets good theology. Kemp opens a door into the life and message of Jesus." -- Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony

    The Welcoming Door is an inspirational jewel in the tradition of Joseph Girzone's Joshua series. By introducing Jesus as a vibrant participant in his own parables, Kenny Kemp breathes new life into the heart of Christian teaching, offering a unique look at Jesus and the world in which he lived. In these beautiful and poignant fictional accounts of "The Prodigal Son," "The Good Samaritan," and "The Talents," a quiet carpenter transforms the world forever. 

City on a Hill

Parables of the Carpenter, Vol. 2

The Greatest Story Never Told Continues

"Treat yourself to a few hours of the most delightful reading. Of all the books I have read about Jesus' life and his stories, this one is unique." -- Joseph Girzone, Joshua

 Jesus' formative years' adventures continue in this sequel to The Welcoming Door,weaving two more parables into a compelling narrative. Just five miles from Nazareth lies Sepphoris, the capital of Galilee, where Jeshua encounters the larger Roman world and the powerful, scheming men who inhabit it. Working on an immense basilica, Jeshua is assailed from all sides by labor unrest, an unpredictable governor, family conflict, and person struggle.  For those who wonder about the time, place, and people behind the parables, City on a Hill provides a fascinating encounter with the most remarkable, unforgettable, and divinely human Jesus ever. 

The Carpenter of Galilee & The Welcoming Door

The Illustrated Parable of the Prodigal Son

"Those who enjoyed Joseph Girzone's Joshua series will appreciate the powerful storytelling and exceptional look at Jesus and his world." -- Library Journal

Jeshua bar Josef, a young unassuming carpenter from Nazareth, has been hired to remodel the front door of a rich man's home. As he works, he meets a family in crisis: young Reuben has gone into the world and is squandering his life as well as his inheritance. His brother Simeon remains behind, dutifully but bitterly fulfilling his family responsibilities. And their father Eli suffers most of all as he struggles to understand, love, and forgive his two disappoint sons. 

     Beautifully illustrated with 22 original oil paintings, this book is suitable for all ages.

  • Benjamin Franklin Award, Publisher's Marketing Ass'n
  • Honorable Mention, Inspiration, 11th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

The Welcoming Door (paperback)

The Timeless Parable of the Prodigal Son

"Kemp weaves a seamless story of the life of Christ. An ambitious undertaking that is destined to be a classic." -- Lynn Hinton, Friendship Cake

   The paperback version of this beloved parable told in a remarkable new, and wonderful way. Years before his ministry, Jeshua works in and around Galilee as a journeyman tekton -- an artisan -- and has begun formulating his radical and transcendent gospel and testing it in the crucible of real life. It -- and he -- is not found wanting and the lives of many are changed forever by the simple yet potent example of a man of God who, at this stage of his yet unknown life, prefers to let his deeds speak for him.


The Wise Man Returns

With New Questions, He Seeks the Christ Again

 Melchior of Alexandria was blessed to be one of the magi to kneel at the feet of the Holy Babe and present Him with a gift. Now, many years and heartbreaks later, Melchior returns to Judea to seek counsel from Jesus, who should have assumed his rightful throne as King by now.  

     But Christ isn't sitting on a throne where Melchior thought he'd find Him. Instead, Melchior hears of a wandering miracle worker and encounters people whose lives have been changed because of an unknown carpenter from a distant hamlet. Could this be the same person? As his search for soul-healing continues, Melchior's own life changes as well.

  • Winner, Religious Fiction, NextGen Indie Book Awards
  • Finalist, Religious Fiction, USA Best Books Awards
  • Gold Medal, Religious Fiction, Independent Publishers Association

Parables for Today

Timeless Messages For A Modern World

This intriguing collection of short stories reaches timeless messages in a modern setting. Poignant and piercing, these stories share eternal truths that will change how you view your everyday situations. Master storytellers David Farland, Marilyn Brown, and Kenny Kemp, as well as the winners of the Parables for Today writing contest, share their talents in this entertaining and engrossing read that's perfect for enjoying with friends and family.
   Filled with keen insights, Parables for Today is a powerful addition to any home library and an invaluable tool for preparing talks and lessons. Learn to see the wealth of lessons available all around you -- if you only know how to look.